These paintings are a consolidation and integration of multiple aspects of my creative life.  The tension between abstraction and realism driven by bio-morfic graphic forms,

line, symbols and color.  They are allegorical visuals.  Containing images for the viewer

to discover.  Inspired by the art of Klee, Noland, Hoffman and Malevich, to acknowledge

a few. The paintings are oil on canvas with works on Arches rag paper comprised of

four individual panels adjacent to each other. 

I see them as  “... eight sentences toward a self."  

​​TICKET  2012 Oil on Canvas 48" x 24"

The works have continued to evolve including these large circular ones. More are planned. Setting the stage for another robust series - Stations ...


2012 OIL on Canvas 36" Dia.


2013 Oil on Canvas 36" Dia.

Don Munson  Longmeadow, MA  01106  413.519.3170